Recorded Lectures 2018

There are around 30 hours of videos from all for our course lectures available for you to use as part of your revision. We recommend using these in conjunction with our hand outs folder to review and review the notes you made during the course.

It's really worth spending the time to review this content at least once before the exam to make sure it is embedded in your long(er) term memory.


How to approach the SAQ paper

How to approach the MCQ paper



Hot Topics

Physics and Clinical Measurement

Anaesthesia for older people

General Duties


Tips for approaching the SAQ exam

Haematology and blood transfusion

Statistics and clinical trials management



Paediatrics - part 1

Airways & Head and Neck Surgery

Neurocritical Care

Pre Op Assessment

Adult Intensive Care

Neurosurgery & Burns


Paediatrics - part 2

Major trauma, transfers, pre hospital care (and drowning)

Anatomy - part 1

Anatomy - part 2

Anatomy - part 3

Anatomy - part 4