2018 ONline Course

Welcome to the Crammer 2018 Online Course Homepage. From here you can access all of our course lecture videos and mp3 audio only versions. We recommend watching the videos whilst using the handout folder to make notes as you go along.

All our resources are mobile friendly - add a shortcut onto the homescreen of your phone to this page so you can get back to it quickly. 

Our lecturers have tried to identify key papers and guidelines which are relevant to the Final FRCA curriculum, you can find these in the Hot Topics and Extra Reading sections. They have kindly done the leg work so you can concentrate on learning!

There is a lot of information here - often in more detail than you'll need for the exam. It's worth at least having an understanding of the key findings and recommendations of the papers. Guidelines are "exam gold" and are often used as the basis for SAQ questions.

Before you do anything else, take some time to review this important video from the college about the structure of the written exam