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Course Exam Papers

Every day on the Crammer we run a one hour paper to get candidates into the habit of answering questions under exam conditions. Click the button below to access our 5 course papers for this year - 3 SAQ papers and 2 MCQ / SBA papers. You should try and answer these papers under exam conditions - set a timer to make sure you keep to time. As each is a third of a paper you should take no more than 1 hour to answer each one. 

An answer scheme for each paper is also included


Other SAQ practice papers

Over the years we have collected practice questions written by candidates for their colleagues. Usually these are written from papers or guidelines that are referenced in the question. Although these might not be exactly exam standard they are useful practice questions to perfect your technique. Each individual question should be answered in a maximum of 15 minutes. Some of the older questions have marks in percentages rather than marks - this reflects the fact the exam changed a few years ago. Just remember that 5% = 1 mark and all papers are scored out of 20 marks (=100%). A papers pass mark is generally around 10 - 12 / 20 depending on difficulty.