Example question for demo

Read the following paper first:

Intensive care management of morbidly obese patients

Then, under exam conditions, answer this question in 15 minutes:

A 58 year old male admitted to ICU for management of respiratory failure secondary to pneumonia.  He has a BMI of 52Kg/m-2.  He has no pre-existing COPD and is a non-smoker.

a)     Define the WHO classification of obesity (3 marks)

b)     What are the specific issues relating to airway management and ventilation in this patient (8 marks)

c)      How would you calculate drug doses of the following drugs for this patient and briefly explain the pharmacokinetic principles for these adjustments

Neuromuscular blocking drugs               (3 marks)

Propofol                                                (3 marks)

Remifentanil                                         (3 marks)

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