We care passionately about making the Crammer the best course we can so that we can help you maximise your chances of success!

Every year we thoroughly review the course content and make sure it is as up to date as possible. Daily feedback from candidates lets us analyse what works and change anything that doesn't. Our whole faculty is engaged in improvements throughout the year and focussed on helping you pass the FRCA.


This is the best revision course I have been on - and I did at least three for the primary. Excellent handouts, perfect overviews of the all subjects, excellent presenters. Dedicated enthusiastic organisers who seem genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. Correct balance of teaching, breaks and practice. Definitely recommend to anyone doing the exam.

Feedback from last years course:

100% of candidates would recommend us to a friend or colleague

94% of candidates who had been on a different FRCA revision course thought we were "better"


If there’s only one course you can go on this is the one....covers everything you need in the right amount


"Genuinely the best course I have ever been on in 12 years as a doctor. Brilliantly well organised, very high quality lectures, great food etc. Course directors are amazingly nice people who very obviously work extremely hard to make the course as much of a stunning success as it is. Cannot recommend highly enough."

'One of the most motivating and well run courses I have ever been on!' 

'Amazing/phenomenal course. Superbly organised. Excellent handout folder.' 

'Having sat the exam 3 times and taking the 4th attempt and having done so many courses - this is by far the best exam course by miles' 

'Well run. Exam directed lectures. Good technique tips and practice.' 

'Excellent course. Well run. Recommend it to others, Vast knowledge' 

'Passed first time...! Your course was very helpful and we used your folder to the very last moment... Thank you very much again, we have already advertised it to other friends and colleagues'