WFSA DEMO PAGE - Crammer 2018

So you can get an idea of the content we have this is just a quickly pulled together demo page - I’d envisage that we would set up a dedicated “landing page” for WFSA use so we can customise this with whatever text / videos / links you wanted. The final page for WFSA would have the videos securely embedded on a page to help protect our content.

There are around 30 hours of videos from all for our course lectures available for review - some are specific to the Final FRCA exam and technique and it’s likely that you’d want us to remove these.

We can provide a copy of our whole slide set as a PDF document for printing with space to make notes as the videos are watched - many people find this more helpful than just watching the videos

We have also made the audio available from each lecture (mono only) which can be listened to as a “podcast”

If you are interested in taking this content then we would aim to make it available to you from late July / early Aug 2019 following our July course.

Quick note: In 2018 YouTube did something funny to the audio levels on some of the videos. If you are having trouble with the sound levels (especially on an Apple device) then either try listening through some external speakers or try a program called Boom 2 - this is downloadable either through the Apple App Store or via their own website where there is a trial version. This will be resolved for the 2019 course in July so won’t be a problem for you



SAQ Techniques

General Duties



Paediatrics part 1

Paediatrics part 2

Anatomy 2018


Physics and Clinical Measurement

Neurosurgery and burns

Stats and clinical trials



Neuro ITU

MCQ / SAQ tips?

General ITU

Preoperative assessment

Hot Topics



Major trauma, transfers, pre hospital care (and drowning)

Airways and Head and Neck Surgery

Endocrine Disorders

Ultrasound and nerve blocks